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Design Applications

The VP downlighters are suitable for many applications when visual performance and comfort are of prime importance. Where glare control is paramount, in spaces such as office transition areas and perimeter lighting, entrances and receptions. The kick reflector and lens wallwashers are designed specifically for the even lighting of walls, adding luminance (brightness) to the field of view which aids visual comfort in the office environment. VP allows the working plane and vertical planes in the field of view to take precedence.

In addition to VP X143 and VP X161 there are also VP X73 and VP X100. These small diameter downlighters are ideal for vanity areas within the office environment, also small reception spaces and restaurants settings; areas requiring intimacy as well as functionality. 

The VP Range addresses the complex issues of the lit environment, energy use and the visual comfort of the user. With VP, Designed Architectural Lighting has the answers to the needs and expectations of the designer, customer and end user.