Baltic araya ⁵ adjustable LED spotlight with Lumenetix araya ⁵ LED light engine, interchangeable reflectors and finished white (RAL 9010). Suitable for track mounting, universal 3 circuit type adaptor comes as standard. Integral driver and control module.


Display Lighting and Visual Effects

There are many things to consider when lighting paintings or displays, not just the amount of light, (as discussed in the LED Spotlight brochure section: Conservation) but also the type of object and how it is to be exhibited. The amount of light needed to make a noticeable, significant or a dramatic difference will depend on the surrounding, ambient level of light. A candle’s flame will look bright and illuminate the surroundings in a darkened room but will be barely perceptible in a bright, day lit environment. Also, the colour and reflective properties of the object will affect its perceived brightness (luminance).

The photographs illustrate simply how the angle of light can reveal or hide the form of an object or add interest.

Ambient Light, High Lights, Sparkle, Drama